Financial Planning Basics

We all had so many dreams in our childhood. Now, when we look back, some of the dreams are fulfilled, but many are not. We have even compromised on our dreams as we realised that it is not going to happen. As we grow older, we keep compromising more or take loans to fulfill some of them. However, some people plan everything well in advance and achieve most of their dreams.

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Ten ways to increase your income.

Five basic rules to speak fluently with confidence.

5 step Financial Plan to tide over any crisis

Here is a plan which anyone can implement to tide over a crisis situation in life – world war, tsunami, flood, COVID 19, or any more to come. One would have already heard about some of these ideas earlier, but probably not taken so seriously. Now is the time to go through them once again and act with determination and a sense of urgency. Smart people learn from others’ mistakes.

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Family Budget & Mutual Funds.