Investor Awareness Program for Post Graduate Students:

Today, people tend to have a lot of money, but their lousy investment habits hinder creating long-term wealth. Security Exchange Board of India (SEBI) sees this as a big challenge and started an initiative called the "Investor Awareness Program" to promote healthy investment habits.

We are one of their partners to help spread this awareness. Since these are sponsored programs, there is no cost for the company or the participants.

Investor Awareness Program details:

Audience: PG Students – Minimum 70

Mode of session: Online webinar model

Duration of the program: 1 Hour

Program Topics:

Need for financial literacy and financial discipline

Financial Goals and impact of Inflation

Solutions to achieve Financial Goals

Investment Options for Individuals

How to mitigate the risk involved in each of the options

How to protect yourself from dubious investment campaigns

Asset allocation based on goals

How to choose a product- Right questions to ask while investing

Do's and Don'ts while investing

Basic Financial Planning

The only Motto of this programme is to create financial awareness among students.

Kindly get in touch with us if you wish you conduct this programme for your Institution.

For more details about the programme please visit AMFI website.

Note: There are separate programmes for Employees (Teaching & Non-teaching Staff) also. The minimum participants required for such programme is 50.